The Brook Holding

A Leading-Edge Pharmaceutical distributor in Lebanon.

We grow your business by giving your brand the attention it deserves through our extensive reach and most importantly our focus on high quality in-store execution.

Our premium brands are leaders within the Pharmacy channel.

We help you find the right solutions for your business needs.

We take care of


We handle all registration procedures with the Ministry of Public Health


We manage the worldwide importation process for pharmaceutical goods.


We store the products at adequate temperatures.


We are experts in creating & managing the brands' successful marketing strategies.


We have a fast 24/48 hours delivery to pharmacies.


We have a multi-format sales force that directly covers 1500+ pharmacies.

Why us?

We will help you scale your business thanks to

Our Obsessive attention to detail: Our sales team is incentivized on in-store execution ensuring consistent availability, impactful visibility, and first-rate customer service.

Transparency: we provide on a regular basis a Fully Detailed Report on In-Store Execution, based on your KPIs.

Our Full Return Policy. We pride ourselves to be the only distributor in Lebanon with a full return policy for pharmaceutical & para-pharmaceutical products.

Highly experienced medical team with 10+ years of relations with doctors and KOLs, our team of medical delegates ensures the right message is delivered on time.

What makes us different?


Our Focused Approach

  • We carry a selective number of SKUs
  • Adequate focus and attention to each product

Channel Insights

  • A detailed analysis of each channel
  • A SWOT matrix and Channel Plans


  • WHO and MOPH code compliance and implementation
  • Traceability at all times

What our partners say

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